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Our Success Story – Assisting An Accident Victim Overseas

The very reason a patient seeks for a second medical opinion has recently been demonstrated when one of our clients was unfortunately involved in a motor vehicle accident while on a business trip outside of Malaysia. The patient sustained a Fractured Sternum, and was ordered to remain in hospital for two weeks. Being a businessman, two weeks in a hospital far from home would have badly affected his livelihood.The patient needed another opinion, and Medical Opinion Asia received the request, and after uploading the MRI scan of the injury himself, one of our team of medical specialists could advise him that there was no need to be in bed. Within 24 hours he was advised that he could fly back to Malaysia and then receive outpatient treatment locally.

Upon returning to Malaysia, an appointment was immediately made to see both an Orthopaedic Specialist as well as a Cardiac Surgical Specialist. The patient continued to receive outpatient treatment successfully without the need for hospitalisation away from home.

Medical Opinion Asia’s service saved the patient a lot of time, money and discomfort, as well as ensuring that he received the most appropriate medical treatment available to him.

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