Refund Policy

For claiming refunds, the user must provide the valid record and invoice of the payments & services, so as to be able to get a consideration for the refund. Refunds are subject to Medo Asia Sdn Bhd’s management approval and will be evaluated on a case by case basis.After the processing of your payment, refunds are only considered by Medo Asia Sdn Bhd in under the following conditions:

  • In the event that you have already paid for the Medical Opinion but the doctor has to refuse reconsider or is unable to respond to the request due to unavoidable and extenuating circumstances, you will be given an option of choosing another doctor from the specialty OR will be offered a refund. The refund will be credited to your card/account within 7 – 14 working days.
  • In instances where your credit card / debit card / payment account has been inadvertently over-charged, please notify Medo Asia Sdn Bhd of the same at the earliest. Medo Asia Sdn Bhd will refund the extra amount to your card/account within 7-14 working days.


General Refund Terms

Once a request has been submitted, it is referred to the concerned Medical Specialist. Thereafter, the fee charged for the medical opinion will not be revoked under any circumstances. If however, the concerned Medical Specialist is unable to give an opinion due to factors such as incompleteness of information, necessity of physical examination, clarity of investigative images or other factors, in such a situation the fee paid by the user will be refunded in the manner described.

  1. The medical opinion given by the Medical Specialist is considered the opinion of the specialist based on the information provided by the user. This opinion may differ from another opinion. The patient and primary Doctor may or may not agree with that opinion. The user cannot claim any refund on the basis of that disagreement.
  2. There is no other situation or circumstance under which Medo Asia Sdn Bhd will provide a refund, except for the conditions expressly mentioned above. In exceptional circumstances, the Medo Asia Sdn Bhd’s team will work with you to reach a mutually acceptable solution. Such issues will be resolved in an objective, fair and reasonable manner in order to maintain a positive and harmonious relationship with its users and patients.